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This depends on the level of the visit and complexity as well as the possible medications prescribed.

Comprehensive Visit: Often the initial visit with detailed history, physical exam and discussion of problems and solutions.

Extended Visit: An appointment where resolution of a problem requires time in excess of a standard office visit, or an appointment involving more than one problem and requiring prescriptions or testing ordered.

Intermediate Visit: Standard office appointment, usually under 15 minutes and limited to treatment of a single problem and no prescription or testing is ordered.

Nurse Visit: Seen only by one of the Assistants for injections, immunizations, INR, A1C, BP check.

What about Medication?

Television and drug company advertising may raise expectations regarding the need for certain medications and usage. We will prescribe medications based on the standards of care and as requested by the Insurance companies avoiding medications considered HIGH RISK. We must abide by those standards.

What if I need to call?

We encourage you to call or contact us via the web if you have questions regarding your condition, medication, treatment or lab results. Our assistants will help you but cannot interpret the results, you may need to schedule an appointment for more in depth analysis. If it is a non-emergency situation, they will contact you towards the end of day. Schedule appointments and med refills during business hours or send email.

What if I need to be hospitalized?

Dr. Cintron admits patients to Florida Hospital at Rollins Street and Winter Park Memorial Hospital. If you are hospitalized at either one and another physician admits you, call us immediately at 407-365-9999 and we will have you transferred to her service. We prefer to follow our patients rather than have a hospitalist see you in the hospital.

Mission Statement

To provide high-quality and compassionate medical care through a traditional internal medicine setting. Read the full statement here.

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